5 Juni 2024

Create the Trendiest Look for a Water Party with Popilush Swimwear

You can enjoy a water party in style wearing your base swimsuit. Beachwear should be uncomplicated! You deserve to be the best version of yourself through modern and assertive clothing that gives you the fuel to live your body positivity.

Popilush offers a complete line of swimwear ranging from shapewear swimsuit to bikinis. So, you have the best of beachwear with the advantage of body alignment that shapewear can promote in your curves in a comfortable and natural way.

Stylish deep V-neck body-shaping swimsuit

Colors can represent your mood, amplify summer energy and add a more fun touch to your look.  A swimsuit with elastic mesh fabric lining combines the benefits of shapewear with beachwear so you can live your best version. This innovation can help build your self-confidence. Furthermore, the deep V-shaped frame is a winning detail in this piece, as it creates a perfect neckline that supports the breast area and creates that asymmetrical cut in the swimsuit, which is very modern. You can use this option as a main piece for a Hawaiian luau. Pair with a grass skirt, floral necklaces and have fun in style.

Popilush bikini set

The Popilush bikini could be another interesting option when composing your water party look. This is because, unlike a swimsuit, a two-piece version can be a more flexible choice and provide you with many combinations.

If you've gained a few pounds or gone through the pregnancy process and would like to add a new structure to your belly area, a version with a high waist is favorable. It is possible to deliver compression that slims the waist through the shapewear mesh and the gathered design on the side that also disguises the hips. You get a few fewer numbers on your dummy.

Furthermore, the adjustable straps are an interesting attraction for women, as they make it easier for them to adapt the bikini easily to their body shape or size. Finish your look with beachy accessories that feature pearls, shells or mini starfish.

Sexy one-piece swimsuit

Who knows, maybe you'd like to get together on a weekend at the beach with your friends and enjoy a party inspired by mermaids with pearl crowns, metallic makeup and shiny fishtail costumes.

A tropical look constructed with the help of a shapewear one piece swimsuit makes you look modern and gently expands your curves, making it a perfect option. A version with wide straps provides greater support for the bust area and allows you to dance or move freely with more security.

In addition, the waist area gains an extra modeling contour through the mesh that compresses in a way comfortable and assertive.  A version with a low back is interesting, as it enhances a forgotten area, providing a touch of sensuality and freshness that will make you more feminine. The removable pads can be adapted to the breast support area according to your personal taste and needs.


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